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The performance was filmed in High Definition (HD) and is being sold in two formats. Firstly individual HD videos in 1080p format (1920 x 1080 pixels), which will be sent to you via a Dropbox link to download. Secondly on a DVD which is at a lower quality and resolution 720p format (1080 x 720 pixels), which will be posted to you. You can view short clips of each dance at the 'Video Clips' Gallery.
1.1 The Blitz1.2 Teddies Dream1.3 The Wardrobe1.4 Little Snowflakes1.5, 1.11, 2.4, 2.9 Narnia Lullaby1.6 Lucy Meets Tumnus1.7 White Witch Rules OK1.8 The White Witch1.9 Turkish Delights1.10 Hurry, Hurry1.12 Icicles1.13 Winter Light2.1 Journey to Beavers Dam2.2 The Journey Continues2.3 Aslan2.5 Winter and Spring2.6 Knighting Peter2.7 Jealous2.8 The Battle2.11 Woodland Fairies

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